About Us

  • Source of inspiration – We know more than others and foster innovation
  • Enabler – we make technological breakthroughs possible
  • Troubleshooter – We take care of the needs of our members and partners
  • Bridge builder – We build bridges between our members and partners
  • Translator – We serve as a technological compass

Mountains Technology acts in a pioneering role – consulting and enabling technology transfer in the region and beyond.

Object and purpose of the network is the creation of synergies as well as promotion of expertise and innovation. We provide access to technological skill, business contacts and networks. In addition, we support joint R&D efforts that create sustainable technical edge. We want to be a powerful platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge. Internationally we aim to be an efficient and powerful partner.

We plan to achieve our goals with productive interactions between our members and partners. Serving our members, we live by:

  • passion for all what we do
  • competence, sustainability, trust and fairness in all our actions
  • reliable structures and a flexible mindset in our daily work
  • adequate allocation of resources and financial independence to the advantage of our members