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The quality of the business location is determined by many factors. When designing the framework, there is a competition of interests and their representatives. In order to be competitive in the market requires sufficient visibility, a critical mass so to speak. Technology Mountains represents the interests of its members in issues arising regarding technology, innovation, research and development, promotion policies, etc. at European, national and regional level. For example with position papers that reflect the overall interests of its members. For this purpose, Technology Mountains is strongly aligned with the network of the Chamber of Commerce, which is in close contact with politicians and administrators alike. This focus on current trends of the technological development will strengthen each individual network partner in his work.

An excellent example of this advocacy is the joint work of representatives of the medical device industry, the cluster organization Medical AG Mountains and the Chamber of Commerce Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg in connection with the proposed amendments to the EU Medical Device Regulation. In a position paper that have been signed by more than 360 company representatives, the companies indicate existence-threatening consequences of these new regulations. They wanted to be heard in the legislative process and have worked out constructive suggestions for improvements. The EU will increasing the burden of clinical trials with the regulation, which would have to run many years before a product approval is granted. This is often not economically viable and in some cases even ethically unacceptable. For disposable products the situation could lead to a security risk for the patient. Furthermore, it is planned to introduce an additional committee, which decides on the admission of implantable class III devices.

Product safety itself would not improve. How far this joint efforts of supporting state, national and European politicians reaches, is shown in the fact that the position paper could be passed to the EU’s Commissioner Dr. Tonio Borg (Malta), directly. In addition, a strong community was created where even competing companies stand together for a common cause and show strength.

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Ein Beispiel dieser Interessenvertretung ist der gemeinsame Einsatz von Vertretern der medizintechnischen Industrie, der Clusterorganisation MedicalMountains AG und der IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg im Zusammenhang mit der geplanten Novellierung der Medizinprodukteverordnung der EU.

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